Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook

Tinley Childcare Academy

Parent Handbook

7012 West 171st Street

Tinley Park, IL, 60477



6am- 5:30pm


Welcome to Tinley Childcare Academy. Here at Tinley Childcare Academy, we have created a safe space and stimulating environment where children can grow physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and verbally as well. Our program is geared towards meeting the needs of children and equipping them with skills that are essential to becoming successful and to help the children reach their full potential. This handbook answers many questions about Tinley Childcare Academy policies and procedures.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose for Tinley Childcare Academy is to help build a healthy and strong social and emotional foundation for all children and their families. Today’s children experience so many different types of challenges that they and their parents may need help, support and guidance to meet and learn how to work through their challenges. The way that children can learn in an effective and healthy way is through play. They learn language, social skills, problem solving skills, how to voice their emotions and learn that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s our responsibility to create an environment that is safe and full of love so that children will learn to trust their teachers and will challenge themselves to try new things. We want to create a strong social and emotional foundation so that the children will have positive self esteem that will help them to grow up to be positive and healthy adults.

Academy Hours

Monday- Friday

6:00 am-5:30 pm

Sign In & Out

Parents must sign their children in and out daily through out procare app. When your child is enrolled we will make you a profile so you can see their days and learning through the app.

Supplies Needed

For each class children will need to bring their own supplies that we do not prepare for them.

Infant/ Toddler:

· Diapers

· Wipes

· Formula

· Baby water

· 3 pairs of extra clothes

· Sleeper Sack

· Extra pair of closed toed shoes


· Pullups

· Wipes

· Blanket

· 3 pairs of extra clothes

· Bookbag to keep here

· Extra pair of closed toes shoes


· 3 extra pairs of clothes

· Bookbag to keep here

· Extra pair of closed toed shoes

· Blanket


· Extra pair of clothes

· Book bag to keep here

· Blanket

Academy Holidays

Tinley Childcare Academy will be closed on the following days:

-Memorial Day

-July 4th

-Labor Day

- Thanksgiving Day

-Black Friday

-Christmas Eve

-Christmas Day

-New Years Eve

-New Years Day

Academy Closing

During bad weather, please stay tuned to our Procare App messages. You will be notified if the school will be closed due to bad weather. There will be no tuition credit for circumstances beyond our control.

Financial Agreements

Tuition needs to be paid every Friday for the following week. If a payment is made the Monday morning a week starts there will be a $10 late fee added to your invoice. Failure to pay will lead to being dropped from the program.

Late Pick-Up

Closing time is 5:30pm. If a child is not picked up by 5:30 pm there will be $1 a minute per child fee that will be due before the next drop off day. A call to the parents will be made at 5:30 to remind them of this policy. If no call is answered by 6pm we start calling the emergency contacts. If the children are not picked up by 6:15 pm the Police Dept will be contacted to help us proceed.

Returned Checks

A charge of $20 will be made for all checks returned by the bank. The academy is assessed a fee for all returned checks. If this happens more than once we will only accept cash, money orders or online payments through procare.


2 Week notice is required for withdrawals so we can properly give the children an adjustment period as well as change your profile status on procare as well.

Tuition During Absence

Families must pay tuition during absences. You are not paying for your child’s attendance. You are paying for their spot being held in the classroom.


You can communicate with the school during pick-up and drop off times, via phone call or the messages on the procare app.

Academy Pictures

Individual school pictures and class composites are usually taken in the fall. Parents are under no obligation to purchase these pictures.


Every child’s birthday will be celebrated at school unless there is a religious or family conflict. Parents are more than welcomed to bring treats that they can share with their classmates. Please keep in mind, NO NUTS! Please check with the director before bringing any treats to make sure they will be allowed.

Parent Involvement

We welcome all parents to come volunteer their time at the academy. If you have a special talent or hobby, you think the children may enjoy then talk with the director so that they can schedule a time for you to come.

Discipline Procedures

The entire staff works together to be consistent with rules and methods of discipline. We attempt to help each child with their development with their self-discipline and self-control. We do not allow any child to interfere with the learning process or safety of another child or staff member. Children are made aware of logical consequences for their behaviors and are given choices for a more positive alternative.

For example, “blocks are not for throwing, you must either build with the blocks or leave the area and find something else to do”. If the child doesn’t choose the more positive choice, then the teacher may help the child through positive redirection instead.

1. First the child will be removed from the are and be given two choices that can help them calm down. Then once the child is calm, they have the option to join their classmates.

2. If a child continues to make bad choices, then a parent-teacher conference will be made as an attempt to help the situation.

3. Some cases might require addition support from a professional.

4. If the negative behavior continues and the parents have failed on working together with the school for their child’s behavior then they will be removed from the center presently.

5. Staff members are NOT permitted to use physical restraint or corporal punishments of any kind towards children and their families.

Discharge Policy

Any child who demonstrates the inability to benefit from the program offered by the academy will be discharged from the academy. The academy reserves the right to terminate enrollment if it is to be decided that the child would benefit from this action. In the event that the child is dropped from enrollment, the academy will attempt to give parents referrals to other agencies.

Items from Home

The Tinley Childcare Academy does offer show and tell opportunities throughout the year. Unless given permission by the teacher, please do not bring toys, money, jewelry, candy/gum into the academy. Unauthorized items can be a distraction to the children in the classroom.


Children must be dressed in appropriate clothes for the current season we are in. For example, if it is cold bring your child in a sweater and long pants. During the summer they can wear shorts. Clothes with profanity, drug use, alcohol use or any other inappropriate slag/ images are PROHIBITED. Please do not bring children in sandals only wear closed toed shoes only.


The Tinley Childcare Academy serves four meals a day. The meals are healthy with no or low sugar too. The meals are:

1. Breakfast 8-9am

2. AM Snack 10 am

3. Lunch 12 pm

4. PM snack 3pm

Lunches will be posted on the parent information board towards the front of the center.

Health and Safety

Your child’s health is very important to us. Upon enrollment you must file a health form you’re your child. If your child is ill, they are not permitted to come to school. If a child becomes sick at school the parent will be notified to pick up their child up immediately.

Your child cannot come if they show the following symptoms:

1. Fever of 99.9 or above

2. Diarrhea

3. Vomiting

4. Coughing

5. Green runny nose

6. Has any rashes or any communicable disease.

Health and Medical Forms

Public Health mandates that you child must have:

1. Up to date medical records dated less than six months prior to entering the academy (valid for 2 years)

2. TB test or results or a dr note if your child is not at risk.

3. The medical exam that indicates that your child has received the necessary immunizations.

4. Lead screening and results for children 6 months or older

5. Medical signed and dated by a doctor

6. All allergies listed on medical form

7. Varicella Vaccine – All children 2 years of age and older entering a childcare facility for the first time must present proof of having received one dose of varicella vaccine or other proof of immunity.

Background Information

It is in the best interest of your child to inform the school of any information concerning your child’s background, living situations, etc. This information will be kept confidential with the director and only be shared on a NEED to know basis with parental permission. Information such as traumatic injury, etc. helps the Staff better understand your child. Also, the director maintains a list of special phone numbers avail that help your child.


In case of an accidental injury, we will make every attempt to contact you and every one on your child’s list. If 911 needs to be called the director will go with your child and will not leave their side until someone on the approved list shows up with a state ID that matches someone on your child’s file which will also be taken with the director.


Medications will be administered by the academy at the direction of the parents with a doctors note provided. Parents are expected to provide clear instructions for times and doses of medication to be dispensed to your child. All medication must be in the original Packaging. Non-prescription medications will not be given. If your child needs fever or cold medicine they must stay home. If you want your child to wear sunscreen or bug spray parents must apply it before arrival and we will apply it when they go outside in the afternoon.

Rules of governing release of a child

1. Only certain staff members are authorized to allow children to be signed out of the academy.

2. If someone comes to the door that we don’t recognize, then we will ask for an ID if they do not have an ID then they will NOT BE PERMITTED to take the child home.

3. Only parents and people listed on their files are allowed to be picked up.

Requirements for Children during potty training

1. Make sure your child can easily take on and off their clothes

2. Child must have their own supply of pullups and wipes

3. Child must have at least 3 pairs of clothes in their cubby at all times

4. Potty training must also be reinforced at home, not only just at school

5. Please send new clothes if they soil their current ones.

Pest Control Policy

Ampest Pest Control licensed by the state of Illinois is contracted to visit the Tinley Childcare Academy every other month or when a problem arrives. Pest control chemicals are never applied inside the building but instead are applied outside. When outside, children Puts chemicals outside, children will not be allowed outside for twenty four hours for their safety.

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